Thursday, 1 December 2016


Style is important.You can tell alot by the way someone dresses like how they feel about themselves,view themselves and how much confidence the have in themselves.

Your look or style should be your trademark.It should show your personality through the way you dress.

You should have standards for the way you dress just like you have standards for the food you eat.
Wear clothes which make you feel god,have favorite outfits,know what's so special about it and fill your closet with clothes which make you feel good.
Dress for your body,You are the only one who knows what you are comfortable on so be the judge,Also wear colors that compliment your skin.

Think positive thing about your appearance.It can be anything so long is positive

Develop a style like no one else but make sure it represents you.This will be your signature look.Don't dress like a nobody,stand out a little,Don't ever settle for ordinary,You are chic,You are fabulous,You are You.

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