Friday, 2 December 2016


Classy basically means keeping all your private parts to yourself.
  • Don't wear tops that are open to reveal your boobs or belly
  • Don't wear skirts that are too short that when you sit your underwear touches the chair

Classy is understated elegant;The kind of a woman that a guy can be with when he runs into his mom anywhere and he would proudly introduce her to his mom
  • classy does not have to be boring though
  • show your style and be yourself
  • be a lady,you will be classy
dressing in classy style is all about knowing the dress to your body type,shape and size.It is more about figuring out what looks good on you rather than trying to wear the latest styles.Not all styles look good on people.

Maxi dress made by susu kollexion
located at Tabata Mawenzi

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