Sunday, 27 November 2016

Happy birthday to our client Mrs Farida Mgaya.


I wore this amazing brocade dress for a friends bridal shower,I love how this dress can be worn for different occasions,I have already worn it more than once,for a wedding, a bridal shower n casual while running errands.

A secret to this beautiful multi purpose dress is how I dress it.
Looking good always makes you feel good

 shoe game too strong

 feeling like cinderella.

Friday, 25 November 2016


A coral full valentino satin with lace detail Abaya dress from our Abaya collection available in all colors on pre order only ❤

Modesty is classy
Covered and chic

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Yellow kinda day

 I am in love with color yellow,all shades of yellow so I usually end up buying anything in yellow....
I had searched for this kitenge for a long time.I had it in a different color made a simple maxi dress like this loved it,wore it then I gained weight n it didnt fit anymore.
 I feel really beautiful,covered and comfortable in this dress....for me a beautiful dress must serve the three purposes.
 Beautiful dress
 Signature style for susu kollexion...our maxi dresses are the best
 Showing off the volume of the dress 👌

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Red Red Wine

I bought this fabric a few months ago and kept it until I was really sure of what I wanted to make of it.I loved the texture and the colours.

 The dress is flare and comfortable.. As you know for me comfort is key.But also it allows me to taka udhu without any difficult whenever I want to pray.
You will be seeing alot of these trumpet sleeves because I have recently started hating the tight sleeves because whenever I want to make wudhu I then have to unzip my dress n half undress .I hate going through all that trouble.So I choose the trumpet sleeves


 I love the way the dress fits,and how much volume it has at the bottom.
 A grey fabric with red n green flowers...i love how the red pops and I thought of no other way than to accessorize with red.
My bag was a present from my soul sister.Alhamdulillah,when you have good people you get to have good stuff.

We are located in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
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Love at first sight followed with a Broken heart

I believe this has happened to almost each of us,falling in love at first sight with a fabric,buying a fabric you love too much wit the expection that the dress will come out right just as how much you love the fabric.This is the story to this dress....I loved the fabric too much n my dress was not a satisfaction. May be it's because the expectation was too high.
 The face though.
 The fabric was so amazing and I really expected an amazing dress but when it was sone I really didn't feel the look and it was not what I wanted ...
 The camera also did not do justice to this amazing fabric....neither the dress nor the pic did well to my beautiful beautiful fabric
 I only posted the pictures cause my face looked cute n the poses are on point....Also cause dispite everything else the dress was sold immediately after I posted it on my Instagram account.
 I really am thinking to recreate this dress but the challenge will be the availability of the fabric....i will just have to re make it with any other fabric
In Shaa Allah I will be posting my the second version of this dress hopefully i find the same fabric and love the dress n the pictures next time.

We are located in Dar es Salaam Tanzania
At Tabata Mawenzi
Contacts 0719666564
Email 0719666564

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I wore this dress a week before my birthday,my daughters (school daughters) had cooked and invinted me for an early birthday dinner,there was good food my favorite food PILAU and a very delicious cake.
 This pictures though are not everything because I was rushing my battery was dying n I was swearing a lot..I just took them for the sake of documenting
One of my classic looks,the pictures did not do justice to my beautiful dress.
The fabric is available in peach,gold,rose pink,tiffany blue,masalla.
 I really love how beautifully the colors blend.
 I love the color of the headscarf however its texture the way the material is very challenging while wearing the hijab.
The fabric for my dress is to die for....I wish I got this is black also.
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