Thursday, 3 November 2016

Think in Black and white.

Modesty is the new black!!
Abaya is a must have for all muslim women.It is an over garment often attributed to the Quranic verse "O Prophet, tell your wives,daughters and the believing women to cover themselves with a loose garment, they will thus be recognized and no harm will come to them"  Quran (33:59)
 The Abaya is one of the most classic garment to ever exist.The classical abaya is in black and does not feature any details or decorations. It served the purpose of covering up.
 In the modern days abaya is added a little more of details,some mix it with other fabrics,like how I did it.Some hand bead,put stones,embroidery so that it can serve the purpose of covering up yet looking good and feeling good about what you are wearing.
 For me the abaya is one of the easiest garment to dress up and the quickest, I can stay covered yet move around running errands and be able to keep my swalat.Unlike other clother whose sleeves may be too tight and become a challenge when making wudhu.
 Still on the monochrome,I think I love how clean black and white turn out be.

You can never go wrong with black,like Chirstian Dior once said "You can wear black at anytime.You can wear it at any age.You may wear it for almost any occasion."

 This is also a piece from my first ever modesty collection....I just couldnt wait had to show off a little for the world to see.
The abaya has buttons in the front from top up above the knee,the purpose it for the undergarment to compliment the whole abaya look.
Located in Dar es Salaam Tanzania
At Tabata Mawenzi
Contacts:+255 719666564

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