Friday, 11 November 2016

Red Red Wine

I bought this fabric a few months ago and kept it until I was really sure of what I wanted to make of it.I loved the texture and the colours.

 The dress is flare and comfortable.. As you know for me comfort is key.But also it allows me to taka udhu without any difficult whenever I want to pray.
You will be seeing alot of these trumpet sleeves because I have recently started hating the tight sleeves because whenever I want to make wudhu I then have to unzip my dress n half undress .I hate going through all that trouble.So I choose the trumpet sleeves


 I love the way the dress fits,and how much volume it has at the bottom.
 A grey fabric with red n green flowers...i love how the red pops and I thought of no other way than to accessorize with red.
My bag was a present from my soul sister.Alhamdulillah,when you have good people you get to have good stuff.

We are located in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
At Tabata Mawenzi
Contacts;(+255) 719666564


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