Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Red Red Wine.....

Hellow darlings,how are you today?I have challenged myself and promised myself that no day will pass by without me posting something on the blog In Shaa Allah.And Alhamdulillah for the past two weeks I have managed to post almost everyday.
I won't leave the blog unattended any longer as I had for the past two years.Thanks for being wonderful and amazing readers who inspire me to do better every now and then.
Thanks all for your emails and comments they have really helped me to my come back.
Ookeey...back to the outfit.I have intended to name all my dresses these days so it becomes easier for my clients to identify them each by it's name.This is the Mwamvuli dress.
 The Dress is fitted on the top to accentuate the body while the bottom is cut as a flared A line,I feel very comfortable wearing a not too tight dress these days,I think it's because I have gained too much weight in two years.
As we all know this I am an African print designer which makes kitenge,khanga,batik as my signature looks.This is also a kitenge dress and I just realized that I have so much more kitenge dresses in red and yellow that any other colors.And I am surely guilty of loving yellow and it's one of my favorite colors but red noo....which lead me to thinking may be all the beautiful vitenge come in red and yellow.😂😂 Don't mind me it's just a theory...I know there more beautiful vitenge in all other colors out there.

Well,I paired my dress with black flat shoes and a channel bag.I love the slim metal belt which makes a statement for the whole outfit and did steal the show from the whole look.

Well,for those who asked about where I acquire my vitenge,I have someone in Kigoma who buys them from Bukavu and sends them to me for a very reasonable price.And I am addicted to Hitarget vitenge because the colors don't wash out and they have very bold and vibrant colors,prints or patterns.

The bag,shoes,headscarf and the slim metal belt are all from Kariakoo.

Well hope you all enjoy the post.

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