Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Maxi skirts are flexible and comfortable

Star print pink with green stars Ankara with gathered pleats maxi skirt.Paired with a long sleeved soft chiffon black blouse,with a pink headscarf matching the skirt.
 I had and still have so much love for the star print Ankara,I actually bought it in all colors and made lots of different designs which some I have already shared here and some are still waiting to be designed.
 If you have been following me closely I bet you have already noted my love for matching my outfits with the headscarf
 I look a little slimmer here,Its because I have been doing some workouts and healthy eating lately. And its going really well so far.
 Well my blouse and bag are from kariakoo though bought in different periods
  My signature pose
 I will be making lots of the maxi skirts In shaa Allah,they are simple to style yet appear very classic
We are located at Tabata Mawenzi near masjid chonde
Contact +255 719666564

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